12 Tips for Puppy Proofing your Apartment

Before you bring home your new furry family member, there are a few steps you should take to keep your puppy safe and protect your favorite pair of shoes. Follow these tips to puppy proof your apartment.

--The easiest way to find things your dog may get into is to get down on their level and view your apartment from their eyes. Anything loose or hanging will peak your puppy's curiosity.

--Your puppy shouldn't have full run of the apartment until he's proven that he can be trusted. Start by setting up a gated-off area in the kitchen or bathroom with food, water, a bed and plenty of chew toys.

--Deter chewing on table legs and other furniture with a bitter spray, like Grannicks Bitter Apple Spray.

--Move all medication, cleaning supplies and toiletries out of reach, either on a high shelf or secured in a cabinet with a lock.

--Trash cans should also be secured under a cabinet or with a tight lid.

--Tuck power cords out of reach, or enclose them in PVC piping.

--If you have any poisonous plants, like these, remove them from your home or make sure that they are high and out of reach.

--Consider temporarily removing enticing items, like a rug with tassels or a table runner that hangs down to their level, until your puppy knows what is acceptable to chew.

--If you also have a cat, make sure the litter box is out of reach either in another room or behind a baby gate.

--Keep clothing, especially socks, off of the floor. Swallowed laundry can cause an intestinal blockage.

--Make sure children's toys, especially those with small pieces, are cleaned up or out of reach

--Keep all food out of reach. Even if the food itself isn't harmful, the wrapper might be.

Puppy proofing your apartment will save you lots of time and hassle down the road. It will let you spend less time disciplining your puppy, and give you and your new addition more quality time together.