20 Home Storage Hacks

We've compiled 20 great home storage hacks to help you make the most of your space!

1. Store plastic bags in an empty cleaning wipes container

2. Use a shoe organizer for extra pantry storage

3. You can also use a shoe organizer to store cleaning products. See more here

4. Use a tension rod to store cleaning products under the sink

5. Repurpose a magazine holder to store plastic wrap and aluminum foil

6. Organize your refrigerator by using wire shelves, turn tables or pull out baskets

7. Use a CD rack to organize Tupperware lids

8. Use a clothespin to keep your earbuds from getting tangled. See how here

9. Organize cords using binder clips.

10. Hang multiple garments in one spot in your closet with soda tabs, chains, or S hooks

11. Use shower hooks to hang multiple tank tops or scarves on a hanger

12. Letter organizers can be used to store flip flops and other flat shoes

13. Use shoe boxes as DIY drawer dividers

14. Empty bottles can be used as bracelet holders. See more here

15. Store sheet sets in their matching pillowcase

16. Utilize the space behind the bathroom door with towel racks and Command hooks

17. Utilize the space under the bed by storing off-season items in flat plastic bins

18. Use an over-the-cabinet waste basket like this one to save space in the kitchen or bathroom

19. Short on bathroom counter space? Use an over-the-sink shelf

20. An over the sink strainer can repurpose your kitchen sink space as a dish drying rack