5 Maryland Summer Vacation Ideas

Summer is a season for making memories! Do you have a special memory of a summer vacation or an annual summer trip from your youth? Being an adult doesn't have to mean the end of summer - you just need help finding the time, the money and other considerations needed to plan a trip. Whether you're single, have kids or are just a busy couple...having more responsibility as an adult makes vacationing harder, but not impossible.

We found these 5 local ideas that should help get you planning your next trip:

Amusement Parks

Do you like roller coasters? What about other carnival rides or water slides? It's hard to dislike all the games, corn dogs, cotton candy, funnel cake and everything else that makes amusement parks unique! There are a handful of Maryland destinations like Adventure Park USA, Trimper's Rides and Six Flags. Other options in Virginia include Busch Gardens and King's Dominion. Go for a night or a stay for a few days in a nearby hotel. Having FUN is good for the soul!


Crowds and excitement aren't for everyone. Sometimes a vacations focus isn't fun, but good old fashioned relaxation! When camping in nature you can fish, hike, rock climb, go tubing, and so much more. If you're looking for a place nearby, just Google camping near me. Otherwise, here are some great resources: Appalachian Trail, National Parks, and KOA.


The beach has just about everything you could want for a vacation spot. There are a few beaches not too far away that have each of the suggested vacation ideas we've mentioned. First, there's the beach complete with the glorious ocean and sand that go with it. At the beach you can find fishing, swimming, sand castles and long walks. You've also got a boardwalk on occasion and generally have carnival activities too. Golf, camping, and even some wineries can be found near many beaches. Some great beaches in or near Maryland to visit: Ocean City, Rehoboth, Assateague, and Chincoteague.


Are you a history buff? Do you love to walk through the towns of yesteryear and daydream about another era? You can find history all around Maryland and the outskirts at reasonable prices. SOme of the more frequented destinations to visit: Annapolis, Gettysburg, and Williamsburg.

Wine Tours

If you love wine, taking a tour (especially locally) is an amazing experience to learn the intricacies involved in the process as well as the history behind each vineyard. Sample your favorite wines along with cheeses or other accompaniments offered. Many wineries offer weekend events including live music. For more local wine tours, visit Maryland Wines.

These are trips that can occur in many areas of the country if you want to expand on the idea. Hopefully one of these vacations is something you'd enjoy!