Alternatives to the Pumpkin Spice Latte

The PSL (Pumpkin Spice Latte) isn't for everyone, but it's all some people talk about in October. Even if it's your go-to drink, it's nice to switch things up. Here are some great alternatives to try if you have a day when the PSL just isn't for you.

Apple Cider- Another perfect drink that gives you the Fall feel. There are some great recipes for apple cider. If you don't want to go through all the effort of making it yourself, Weber's Farm makes great apple cider- in drink form AND in donut form! Make a day of it and visit their farm with all its Fall charm.

Horchata- You can sometimes find this sweet drink at Mexican places, though some people stick to home recipes since this drink isn't easy to find at a non sit down restaurant. Creamy rice and cinnamon flavors sounds like a great blend for Fall, but this is a drink you can have all year round!

Nutella Latte- Sounds crazy, but a nutella latte is perfect for the sweet coffee lover. They make this magical drink at Vaccaro's, an Italian bakery with four different locations in Maryland. Careful- they have a loyalty card for coffee and it is sure to keep you coming back in case their other amazing lattes and desserts didn't do the job already.

Vanilla Chai Latte- This is another drink you can grab at your nearest Starbs, but now you have something to switch up your order with when you are tired of the PSL. This is also a great drink to ask for at your local coffee shop that's not a chain- a lot of places will be able to fix this up for you nice and hot.

Kahlua Hot Chocolate- Need we say more? For those who need a drink with more of a kick to it, try this amazing recipe for Kahlua Hot Chocolate. Perfect treat for a night in.

Drinks like these are the perfect thing to enjoy and get cozy with in your residence. It may not be cooling down yet, but don't let the lack of sweater weather deter you from enjoying a warm beverage. Happy Fall A&G residents!