Anti-Resolution Start to the New Decade

The roaring 20s are upon us! Are you scrolling through Facebook and seeing everyone's resolutions? Truth is, a lot of resolutions are hard to keep. People try to go cold turkey and they quit immediately. Instead of going all in, ease yourself into your New Year's resolutions. That way, you won't give up so soon. No one can start a habit in a snap, it takes time. Check out our ways to approach the new year anti-resolution style.

DON'T start a new membership at the gym but DO incorporate a more active lifestyle.

Instead of putting out the money into a new gym that you'll never go to, download an app that gives you workouts to do in your own home. It will not only help you save money, but you can workout on your own time without having to drive to the gym. If working out isn't your thing, no problem! Go out for a 15-30 minute walk every day. It gets you active without breaking a sweat.

DON'T create a budget you won't stick to, DO find creative ways to make your money go farther.

Writing budget sheets can be a headache to do and most of us don't stick to them because it's too much work. Instead, every day write down what you spent and why. You'll be more aware of what you are buying and conscious of your account the next time you buy something. Another way to stretch your money is to not go to the grocery store on a whim but go with a plan and a list. You'll spend less money and make better food choices.

DON'T start a diet but DO eat more veggies.

Remember what we said about going cold turkey? Going from weeks to holiday heavy food to a healthy diet can be daunting. Ease into a healthy diet by incorporating more veggies and fewer carbs into your diet. Just don't do it all at once!

DON'T throw yourself into a hobby that you know nothing about, INSTEAD sample different hobbies and choose the one you like.

At the beginning of the year, a popular resolution is to start a new hobby It sounds exciting, however, some people throw a bunch of money into their new hobby that turns out they don't even like. Avoid this by going small and trying a bunch of new hobbies. Easy and cheap ones to try include painting, knitting, and gardening.

DON'T go to the bookstore and get 6 large books you'll never read, INSTEAD start small and read a book you already know and like.

Lots of people start the year off by saying they're gonna read more and go out and buy a ton of books. Turns out though, most of the time they either don't read them or during their reading marathon, they realize they don't like their new books. So they end up abandoning the whole endeavor. Get into the habit of reading a book you already know you like and then you have the habit ingrained into you. After that, you can explore different books and find the one you like.

Try these tips and tricks to help you stay on your new year's resolutions. We know it's easy to get sidetracked but remember it's never too late to start back up again. Happy New Year!