Apartment Decorating Advice From A Pro

Joni Laycook, an interior designer and owner of Shore Studio Property Styling, gives A&G residents a few tips and a little inspiration when it comes to redecorating their apartment!

With the spring season approaching, you can be sure that residents are scrolling the web for themes and decor inspiration as they prepare to welcome the fresh spring air into their A&G apartments. From a change in season to a change in lifestyle, redecorating can be a fun, yet overwhelming, challenge to tackle. Often, residents discover they haven't the slightest idea on where to even start when it comes to redecorating their apartments!

Luckily, we got a chance to sit down with interior designer extraordinaire, Joni Laycook! Over the years, the A&G Management team has worked closely with Joni to decorate A&G's model apartments in all 13 of our communities across Maryland! Check out our interview with the interior designer, as she provides our residents with a little insight on her approach to decorating our community models, as well as some helpful tips on decorating your own A&G apartment!

What best describes the style of the A&G apartment models you've decorated?
I feel that the style is an eclectic modern style. I try my best to incorporate a color throughout that creates a "memory-point" for the potential tenant. I like to mix textures to create interest. I also love to incorporate creative solutions for storage and style for the model homes.

Which community did you enjoy decorating the most? Why?
Northbrooke is near and dear to my heart. Mainly because it was the first model I designed for A&G Management. I really dug deep into my creativity, and tried to create a space that potential tenants would fall in love with!

I also enjoyed designing Southgate. The color scheme came to me one day. I was in the grocery store and saw a display of lemon and limes with a gray background. I love the combo of the lemon yellow and spring-y green, mixed with the white and gray.

Where can our residents' shop for home decor while being on a budget?
Great question! My absolute favorite stores are HomeGoods, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls. For lamps and soft-goods, I love Ross Dress for Less. If you are into DIY projects, Ikea is fun, especially their as-is section. You can find a myriad of hardware, fabrics, and components to create your own statement pieces. If you have a vintage vibe, Second Chance in Baltimore is a great place to find refurbished unique items, that you can repurpose. For online shopping, I find Wayfair to be my go-to source for all things home. Amazon is great for items such as drapes and curtains, coffee tables, dining chairs, and other unique finds.

How often should apartment renters redecorate their apartment?
Decorating is about lifestyle. If your lifestyle changes, your d├ęcor may change. Your taste may change and evolve. Design should reflect personal taste and purpose. For example; you may grow your family, change careers, or engage in a new hobby. Those life changes dictate how we live. Therefore, it dictates how we design and decorate. Decorating is not only about aesthetics and appearance, but about practicality and purpose. Blending functional and fabulous is the goal! Do you! Create a space that makes you happy, and provides a great space for living. Whether that entails moving your sofa so that you have space to do yoga...or adding a desk to your bedroom so that you can work from's about designing to support your everyday life.

Good luck with your redecorating! Send over a few photos of your apartments stunning decor to be featured on our Instagram and Facebook feeds!