Apartment Moving Dos and Don’ts

Making a big move in the future? Here is a list of some dos and don'ts of apartment moving to help you make a smooth move!

-DO pack in advance. It will probably take you longer than you think, so leave yourself plenty of time.

-DO go through every item you own and decide if you are taking it, selling it or donating it. This will help you declutter your new apartment before you even get there.

-DO color code boxes for different rooms in the apartment so you know exactly where each box goes. Label boxes on the side, instead of the top, so you'll be able to see it even when boxes are stacked. See more here.

-DO pack a separate overnight bag of things that you'll need the first night when you get into your new apartment. You don't want to be digging through boxes after a long day of moving. This could include bed linens, a fresh change of clothes, medicines and toiletries.

-DO pack a clear plastic bin of the items you will need first: paper towels, toilet paper, light bulbs, box cutter, trash bags, etc.

-DO take a picture of the back of your electronics before you pack them up. It will be much easier to hook up all of those TV wires if you have a picture to work off of.

-DO hire a sitter for the kids and pets. You won't have to worry about keeping track of them, and they won't get caught up in the stress of moving.

-DO feed your helpers. Whether you hire movers or your friends and family volunteer, everyone would appreciate a slice of pizza and a cold drink after a day of moving.

-DON'T splurge on boxes from a moving company. You can usually get them cheaper from warehouse club stores or home improvement stores. Or ask your local grocery and liquor stores if you can take some boxes off their hands for free.

-DON'T waste money on bubble wrap. Use clothes, blankets and towels to wrap your fragile items. They're going with you anyway so you might as well use them!

-DON'T unhang all of the clothes in your closet. Band about a dozen hangers together, cover them with a trash bag, and they're ready to go. Read more here.

-DON'T pack a box that you can't lift. You'll regret it when the time comes to get it off the truck and up the steps.

-DON'T put items for different rooms in the same box. It will only make packing and unpacking harder.

We hope that these tips can help make your next apartment move smoother and get you settled in your new home quickly!