DIY Valentine's Day Date Night Ideas

Sure, you could book those fancy dinner reservations at your favorite restaurant or even catch that new movie that just hit theatres; but with Valentine's Day right around the corner, we're giving our A&G residentsĀ a one-of-a-kind DIY date night ideas to celebrate you and your special someone. Plan the perfect Valentine's Day date night in your A&G apartment!

Kids V-Day Door Decor
Get your kids into the Valentine's Day spirit with love-filled hearts of encouragement! Decorate your little one's bedroom door with paper hearts filled with the sweetest affirmations. Tape them to your child's bedroom door before they wake up in the morning for school, for the perfect start to their Valentine's day.

RomCom Marathon
Whip up your favorite movie marathon snacks and get ready for a night of laughter, and maybe even a few tears with your closest pals. You and your friends will get a kick out of watching your favorite romantic comedies while enjoying buttery popcorn and a glass of wine. From P.S. I Love You, to Silver Lining Playbook; indulge in one or all of these classic and new rom-coms this Valentine's Day weekend!

Date Night Game Night
Turn your Valentine's Day Date night into the ultimate competition between you and your spouse. Grab your favorite board, card, or video game for a fun-filled game night. Rember to keep score of who wins each game because the loser has to make dinner! This cheap date night idea will bring out the competition in any couple making it a Valentine's date to remember.

Apartment Fort
Drape a few sheets across your A&G apartment's living room to create the perfect cozy indoor date night atmosphere. Get creative with a few string lights and turn on the Love Ballads Playlist from Spotify. Order in your favorite take out food and enjoy a quiet evening indoors with your special someone.

Spa Date
Surprise your sweetheart with an at-home spa date in your A&G apartment! Set the mood by creating a clean and clear space for yourself or loved ones in your apartment's master bath. Add some calming aromatherapy oils and scrubbing salts to the tub for the ideal spa date atmosphere!

Whether you're celebrating with your close friends, kids, or special someones, these cheap and adorable DIY Valentine's date night ideas are sure to make it a holiday to remember.