DIY Your At-Home-Office

If you are tired of working from home in a cluttered space, it's time to DIY your At-Home-Office. There are several ways to transform your apartment into your own office oasis with just a few simple steps and items you can get at the grocery store. During this time of uncertainty, it's time to pep up and get your workspace in shape so you can be productive. Here are some DIYs to help you make your apartment your temporary office.

Wake up

We know it can be hard to get out of your PJs while working from home. However, not getting properly ready for the day can mean extra time lazing about. Wake up a little early, take a shower, put on some jeans and fuzzy socks and you can be ready for the workday. This simple step can help get you in the mindset to do work rather than wanting to go back to bed. If you need a little more pep in your step since you were watching Netflix too late the night before, drink a glass of cold water with lemon as soon as you wake up. This will help wake up your senses and get you energized first thing in the morning.

Kitchen Table

First, you need to clean off your kitchen table. Get the napkins, dishware, and papers off of your new workspace. People who work at a desk rather than the couch tend to be less distracted. While you are at it, disinfect your table and chairs to make sure it's read and clean for you to have a productive workday. If your kitchen table is being inhabited by your kids who are studying at home, retreat into an extra bedroom or den!

Add Sustenance

Snacks can help you curb those mid-day cravings. As much as we like them, it's time to stop getting chips and junk food at the grocery store during this time. Instead get healthier options like nuts, carrots, peanut butter, and apples. These will help you stay full and are good for brainpower. We all love a cup of coffee while working, however too much coffee can make you crash. If you still want some warmth and a little pick me up throughout the day, swap your afternoon coffee with green tea. It still has a little caffeine but also has great antioxidants to keep you energized. Don't forget to hydrate yourself too. Now is especially the time to drink plenty of water.


While kids are being homeschooled, the dog is barking, and the TV is calling your name, it can be a little overwhelming and distracting. Use the timer on your phone! This way you can set time for your work and help your kids out. By using a timer, it helps keep you on a schedule and helps set goals. Also, make a to-do list for work. Check off tasks as you go and feel a sense of achievement after a long workday.

Time to get in the working mode

Add some comfort to your new desk. Bring a plant that is in your window to your kitchen desk to feel like a little of the outside has been brought indoors. To give a little more extra light to your workspace to keep you awake, grab an extra lamp. Pickup an essential oil diffuser from the grocery store and set it next to your laptop. We recommend getting a brighter scent like mint or lemon to awaken your senses.

With these tips and tricks, you can be productive in no time. Tag us in your home office pics and we'll post them to our socials. Now more than ever is the time to stick together and remain strong through these difficult times. From A&G Management to you, we are wishing you a safe and healthy time.