Easy DIY Costumes

Halloween, as fun as it is, can sometimes be a hassle. There are so many costume parties, and it's hard to find the time or the money for costumes for each event going on this month. Are you in need of some ideas to cut costs while still looking great? Here are some quick costumes you can throw together (with things you may already own for the most part).

Rosie the Riveter

This Halloween, we can do it! The iconic Rosie the Riveter is a great costume that you can pull together fairly last minute. There are some great DIY versions for this online, and most of the things you need you probably already have.

Gumball Machine

This costume isn't as last minute, but it's pretty inexpensive/simple to make. If you are more of a pants person than a skirt/dress person, you can use red pants and just glue the colored cotton balls onto a t-shirt!


The iconic Grease crew is fun, and easy to do last minute. Grab your black leather jacket and hair gel and you're basically set!


If the 1950's Greaser isn't your style and you like to kick it even more old school, go for the 1920's mobster look. Classy dress code, with a few extra touches (like the bowler hat, gun holster, and cigar) and you are ready to go!


Red flannel, blue jeans, and a package of brawny paper towels- it's as easy as one, two, three! Male or female, you might have everything you need for this costume right in your A&G apartment. It doesn't get much simpler than that!

We hope these fun, last minute DIY costumes help you look fab at your next Halloween bash! Happy Trick-or-Treating, A&G residents!