Facebook Bingo 2020

Starting July 1st A & G Management residents can play Facebook BINGO! 

Here's how to play:

1. Your bingo cards have been delivered to your apartments. Any questions call your manager so they can assist you. Good luck!

2. Join us on Facebook at A&G Management Company, Inc. or from here, click on the Facebook logo at the bottom of the page.

3. Check Facebook daily! A new Bingo number will be posted every day.

4. Each month we'll announce a winner of a $100 GIFT CARD!

5. Continue to play! In addition to the top prize of the $100 Gift Card, there will be 2nd and 3rd place winners!

6. You must be an A&G resident to win.

7. Winners are to call the office and text or email a photo of the
winning card*

8. Once the monthly game has completed let us know if you would like 4 new cards.

BINGO ends October 1st, 2020 

Winners please call the office, then text or email a photo of your winning card!
Bay Hills Apartments: phone: 410-974-0300; email:
Chapel Manor Apartments: phone: 410-256-4444; email:
Colonial Square: phone: 410-766-6221; email
Islands of Fox Chase: phone: 410-760-3434; email:
Northbrooke Township: 410-828-5688;
Oakridge Manor: phone: 410-760-2244; email:
Overbrook Apartments: phone: 410-465-8611; email:
Park East Apartments: phone: 410-866-3443; email:
Plum Tree Apartments: phone: 410-465-8611; email:
Ruxton Landing: phone: 443-816-8514; email:
Southgate: phone: 410-768-1517; email:
Stage Coach: phone: 410-768-1517 email:
Olde Stage: phone: 410-768-6158; email
Severn Squar: phone: 410-768-6158; email