Flowering Houseplants For Your Apartment This Spring

It's beginning to feel more like spring each day! Before the flowers fully bloom throughout your community, add a pop of spring to your apartment with the perfect houseplant.

Peace Lily
This stunning plant is renowned for its easy care. Guaranteed to bring a touch of spring to your apartment, the Peace Lily is known for its air-purifying abilities. The plant thrives in the shade, and will only need to be watered once a week throughout the summer season.

Moth Orchids
Due to its delicate appearance, the Ornamental Foliage Orchid may seem like a high maintenance plant to keep alive indoors, but this houseplant is incredibly enduring. These plants grow beautifully when placed near your sunniest window!

This tropical plant loves sunlight and water in the warmer months! Perfect for residents who are interested in indoor gardening, this plant requires water at least once a day. Once bloomed, hibiscus plants are known to last up to ten years. During the winter months, the plant will require less maintenance.

Scented Geranium
Another sun-loving plant perfect for spring, this potted plant also requires water once a week. Find the ideal variety that suits your apartment and allow the scent of spring to take over! Scents can be classified into six groups; rose, fruit, spice, mint, pine, or pungent.

Flowering Maple
This plant gets its name from the appearance of its leaves. With leaves shaped like that of a maple tree leaf, the plant sprouts gorgeous flowers that are constantly in bloom. They require weekly watering and love sunlight!

Which of these houseplants will you be adding to your apartment's decor this season?