Hosting the Big Game in Your A&G Apartment

Although our hometown favorites didn't make it to the big game this year, it's not stopping our A&G residents from hosting their own championship game day bashes in their apartments! It's down to the final two teams, and we're giving our residents a play by play guide on how to host the ultimate game-day party!

Set The Tailgating Scene
What's a football party without winning game day music? Get your guest pumped for the game with the NFL on ESPN playlist on Spotify and deck your apartment with football-themed decorations! Head to your local Party City to pick the perfect football dining decor for your Super Bowl celebration. This easy to set up Super Bowl Tableware & Decoration Kit serves up to 18 people and boast the official 2019 Atlanta Super Bowl Logo!

  Winning Recipes
Looking for crowd-pleasing game-day dishes to serve at your football party? Look no further than the Go Go Go Gourmet blog! Choose from twenty-three mouth-watering dishes to serve spectators as they watch the final two teams battle it out for the championship. The Banana Peppers stuffed with Chorizo, Goat Cheese, Basil, and Chives sound delicious!

What's In The Cooler
It's a huge flag on the play when your party cooler isn't stuffed to the brim with everyone's favorite game-day brews and crips wine coolers! Stock up on an assortment of beers, sodas, and other beverages for your football fans to enjoy while watching the big-game. Have a little fun and give your guests a selection of beers that reflect their favorite team's name, mascot, or hometown. Rooting for the Patriots? Give the Samuel Adams Boston Lager a try! Fingers crossed for the Rams? Then grab a few pints of Premium Ram Pilsner. Still rooting for the home team, no matter what?! Then the Special Raven Lager is for you!

Seating Arrangement
Stage your living room for maximum game-day viewing! Make sure you're utilizing any available space when arranging seating in your apartments living room. If able, arrange your sitting furniture in an L formation facing the TV, leaving room in the center for an hors-d'oeuvres table, and spots on both ends for extra chairs. Still need extra room? Place a few pillows on the floor to provide an extra cushion for guest who might have to have sit on the living room floor.

Enjoy and may the best team win!