How to Make it Feel Like Spring in Your Home

The groundhog has predicted an early spring and we are all jumping for joy. We love the winter, but we're ready to thaw out and we are a bit too excited for spring to come. So how can we make it feel like spring earlier? Follow these tips to bring some warmth into your home.

Air out your home.

Our homes can get stuffy in the winter. To air out your home, open the windows and let fresh air in. It might get a little chilly, so don't do it for too long. However, it's a good way to bring fresh air into your home and get the gloomy air out.

Change diffuser scents.

Scents have a big part in our mood. Change out those sugar cookie and pine diffusers for more summery scents. You can use floral or ocean scents to enliven your home. You don't even have to go to the beach!

Bright colored throw pillows.

Still have some decorations left over from Christmas? It's time to put those in storage and bring out your bright colored pillows. This will help brighten up the room without breaking the bank. You can get some cheap ones at Target.

Buy flowers.

Flowers are always a great way to make it feel like spring in your home. With fresh flowers it feels like spring is just a little bit closer. Pick up some on your grocery run at Trader Joes. We recommend buying sunflowers for a pop of color.

Replace blankets.

Replace those big bulky blankets for something a little lighter. These will freshen up your home and give it a more airy look without weighing you down. Head down to your local Walmart for some simple blankets to give your home a little pop.

Do some "spring cleaning"

It doesn't feel like spring unless you have a clean home. Do some spring cleaning a little early this year. Get a jump start by deep cleaning your home and you'll feel a lot better when spring hits. You'll be able to relax once the heat comes back.

Turn the heat up.

Speaking of heat, turn it up a notch or two to make your home a little warmer. Don't go crazy but a little heat will go a long way. Just enough to make your home more relaxing.

Try any of these tips to get a jump start on spring. Do you want it to be spring already or do you enjoy the cold? Let us know on social!