Ideas for Small Balcony Decorating

Every home deserves a beautiful outdoor landscape. Don't limit yourself in your A&G Management apartment home. Turn your limited green space into a flourishing botanical lounge with these easy decorative apartment balcony ideas!

Get Comfy
Not enough room for outdoor couch? No problem! Grab a few crates to create your own patio bench. Add a few blankets and decorative pillows for a perfect outdoor lounging area.

Tile it Up

Spruce up your concrete patio slab with tile. Choose from grass or wood to liven up your apartment balcony.

Secret Garden

Create your secret patio oasis with a small enclosure. Repurpose some old shutters or closet doors to create a privacy screen.

Light the Way

From a small night time gathering to a intimate evening alone, these patio lights are sure to illuminate any outdoor setting.

Pocket Plants

Take an old shoe organizer and hang it from your patio to watch these pocket plants thrive!