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Low Maintenance Non-Toxic Indoor Plants

You don't need to have a garden to have an interest in plants. Growing indoor plants can be easy and certainly just as fun as having an outdoor garden. Indoor plants help clean the environment and also create unique aesthetics within your living space. We found hardy indoor house plants that anyone (yes, even those that are notorious plant killers) can keep alive and thriving. If you've got pets, we've even highlighted non-toxic favorites!

Baby Rubber Plant

This plant has thick, waxy leaves. It's technically a succulent but it looks a little different from most succulents. The baby rubber plant just needs some bright, indirect sunlight, and occasional watering, and it's good to go!

Spider Plant

The spider plant needs moderate light, but the good news with this one is that it needs to dry out between waterings!


Areca Palm

Known for its air-purifying effects, the areca palm is fairly easy to care for. It's important not to over-water the plant, but it's a good idea to hydrate it when the soil below the surface begins to feel dry. In terms of lighting, a helpful SFGate article offered the great suggestion of allowing your areca palm to gradually acclimate to indoor lighting by first placing it outside in a part-shade area. After a few weeks, bring it inside to its permanent bright location!

Ponytail Palm

Bright light works best for this plant, as does a relaxed watering schedule of once every one or two weeks.


Staghorn Fern

Gunn Landscapes designer Cat Rha recommends Platycerium bifurcatum, or staghorn fern, "as a great sculptural centerpiece for mounting onto a wall. I love the idea of using plants as a piece of living art." She notes that they can be finicky to care for, since they prefer tropical environments—high humidity and indirect sunlight. She suggests soaking them in water once a week and misting in between waterings. 


For a full list of plants that are non-poisonous to dogs and cats, visit Pet360.