Meal Planning - Go to the Grocery Store Less

During this time, it's important to remember to stay home as much as possible. Not only to reduce the risk for you, but for others as well. That includes going to the grocery store less often. Even though going to the grocery store is considered okay now, it's still a risk for contracting COVID-19. Reduce the risk by meal planning. By meal planning, you are using proper portion sizes and planning ahead. Plan the menu for the week ahead, check what's in your pantry, schedule in a meal or two to support your local restaurants with a carryout order and then make a list of what other food you might need for the week. If you need food assistance, there are many services in the area. Read on for more info on how to take the stress out of meals.

Meal Preparation

Take this chance to explore your cooking skills and make one of these recipes. Make sure you are stocked up on Tupperware so you can be meal prep king or queen.
Freezer Breakfast Burritos
These are great for a warm breakfast that takes no time at all to make in the morning. Perfect for the teens in the house, these will be a hit. Make them your own. Add different meats, veggies, and cheese to customize your own palette. After making them, throw them in the freezer and you can have a great and fulfilling breakfast for weeks.
Spicy Chicken Sweet Potato
Get a lunch that will spice up your afternoon. This spicy chicken sweet potato will help keep you full and energized throughout the day. It's so good, you would think you got it from a restaurant. This bowl is packed with protein and nutrients.
Honey Sriracha Glazed Meatballs
This meal is definitely freezer friendly. However, these might not make it to the freezer since they are so addicting! Make this for your family and they won't be able to wait until the next night's meal to have it again. Serve with rice or pasta and you'll be set.


If you are tired of cooking like the rest of us, support your local restaurants and get carryout instead. Restaurants need us now more than ever to help stay afloat during these hard times.
Anne Arundel County

Adam's Taphouse and Grille

Craving some ribs? Adam's near Stage Coach has you covered. Get curbside pickup of your bbq favorites including ribs, brisket and pulled pork. Get a little more and store in the fridge for later.

Willy's Kitchen
Order online and get some southern favorite's at Willy's by Bay Hills. Get corn nuggets, fried green tomatoes and more.

Baltimore County

Towson Tavern
Get a treat at Towson Tavern near Ruxton Landing. If you don't feel like cooking a steak at home, order one of their steaks! Have a crab craving? Order their savory crab dip.

Jerry D's Saloon
If you live in Overbrook, get your meat fix at Jerry D's. Their menu is so big, everyone in the family will be able to find something for themselves. From grilled cheese to even hot dogs, you'll be able to find everything.

Howard County

Trolley Stop
Get breakfast, lunch, and dinner at this local favorite that's near Plum Tree. With food that is home cooking at it's finest, you'll want to go back and pick up something every week.

Kelsey's Restaurant
Want something a little different during quarantine? Get Irish food! Kelsey's has all of the Irish classics like fish and chips, reubens, and corned beef and cabbage.

Food Pantries

During these times, it can be hard to spend extra money. If you are struggling with money, take a look at these food pantries to help you through this time of uncertainty:
Howard County Food Bank
Anne Arundel County Food Bank
Maryland Food Bank (Baltimore County)

It's time to stick together as a community and support each other. From getting supplies at food banks to supporting local restaurants, there are plenty of ways we can lift each other up. Please share your favorite restaurants that are offering non-touching and social distancing carryout out to our Facebook! Remember to stay safe and eat well while staying home and practicing good social distancing.