New Year's Resolutions Do's and Don'ts

The gifts are opened, and we've toasted to 2019! Let's get the year started and tackle those New Year's resolutions. From meeting new people to getting organized in your A&G apartment, we've all made resolutions in previous years that didn't make they're way into the next. Start the year off right with helpful tips to keep your 2019 resolutions.

Do: Choose a resolution that motivates you to be your best best self. Often resolutioners give up on their goals because influenced by external pressure from family, friends, or work. Set a goal that matters to you and only you!
Don't: Set and Forget. Resolutions aren't a requirement to begin the new year. Your resolution should be something at the forefront of your mind that you've committed to changing. If it's important enough, you won't forget!

Do: Set manageable goals for yourself. Write out your self-improvement goals and anything else you wish to accomplish in 2019 on post-it notes. Group together the post-it notes you believe are similar and carve out your realistic resolutions.
Don't: Make your resolutions list as long as your holiday gift list. Too many commitments to change can be overwhelming making your goals nearly impossible to accomplish.

Do: Break your goals down by task over a certain amount of time. For example, if your goal is to meet new people, start small and head to one of our community clubhouse events. Try attending at least one A&G event a month, and soon enough you'll be the social butterfly of the community. Who knows, your neighbor could end up as your new friend!
Don't: Wait and try to tackle one huge goal all at once. Resolutions need to be broken down into manageable tasks. If your goal is to meet new people, you might feel overwhelmed if you only decide to attend your communities summer cookout. Start attending your apartments events today to get to know other residents. This way you'll have plenty to talk about at those spring and summer soirees we love to throw!

Do: Telling your friends and families about your resolutions keeps you accountable. If your not comfortable with telling anyone, no problem. Write your goals down on sticky notes and tape them to your bathroom mirror. Repeat them every morning after brushing your teeth, to reaffirm your commitment to your New Year's resolutions.
Don't: Make your resolution private. Who would you share those success stories with?

Do: Stay consistent and motivated. Continue to remind yourself that all change takes time. Learning new habits to incorporate into your everyday life can be challenging. With a little consistency, inspiration, and motivation you're sure to reach your 2019 goals!
Don't: give up. Everyone one has an off day, week, or month. Just learn from your setback and keep pushing through the year!

Happy New Year to our A&G residents! Good Luck with your 2019 resolutions!