Pet Safety During Fireworks

Bright lights, loud bangs, and the earth shakes.... It's not exactly a dream come true for our furry four legged friends. Fireworks can be startling for us humans and we know what's happening. Our pets, on the other hand, do not understand what fireworks are and why they're going off. We've compiled a list of things you can do to help keep your dog or cat safe and calm whilst the celebrations ensue this Fourth of July.

1. Make Sure Their Tags Are Up To Date

First and foremost, make sure your dog or cat it wearing a collar that has a tag with their important information on it. When scared, dogs and cats can run and hide and escape the confines of your home in the process. Current tags help ensure their safe return if they do escape. This is also a good time to consider getting your dog or cat microchipped if they aren't already.

2. Take a Picture of Your Pet

For the same reason you want to be able to identify them, you'll also want to have a current photo to share with neighbors so they can help you spot your pet if they escape. So break out your phone and snap some pics of your adorable fuzzy and always photogenic friend.

3. Don't Take Your Pet With You to a Fireworks Display

This may seem obvious, but don't unnecessarily exposing them to fireworks. Leave them at home and enjoy your evening without them. Bringing them to a place that isn't their comfort area and then having them get scared increases the risk that they'll run away and get lost.

4. Put Them in Their Crate

Their crate is a safe space and one that brings them comfort. Placing them in the crate in advance of the fireworks can help to calm them while the loud bangs and whistles are going off outside.

5. Consider a Thundershirt

Thundershirts were designed to help comfort your pet during times of anxiety by providing a soothing yet not too tight squeeze that helps to calm them in much the same way a weighted blanket can calm humans. It's like a warm hug for your pet.