Sideline Preparedness

School is back in session, and you know what that means: school sports. Are you gonna be sitting on the sidelines? Be prepared with these tricks of the trade for your athlete and yourself.

1. Safety First
Bring a first aid kit. Injuries happen left and right on the game field. Instead of relying on the coach to have the right supplies for those bumps and scrapes, bring your own just in case!
2. Stay Hydrated
During sports season, it's best to just keep a giant pack of water or gatorade in the trunk of your car. Bringing a cold drink each time is important, but we all get busy and occasionally forget a beverage to stay hydrated. With this, you've got all your bases covered.
3. Snack Attack
When you use up a lot of energy, it leaves you feeling hungry. Check out some great snacks to take to perk up your athletes!
4. Show Respect
Remember to always be a respectful parent. Don't shout profanities and be respectful of the other team. This way, you are leading by example and teaching the athletes to play a great game with great sportsmanship.
5. Pull up a Chair
These games can last forever sometimes. You don't want to be stuck standing the whole game, so bring a chair or comfortable blanket! This will keep your legs and feet from feeling sore before you've even hit half time. Like the water, this is another item to keep in the trunk for the season.

If you follow these tips you are sure to have a great season! Play ball!