Tips For Staying Warm In Your A&G Apartment

Winter has officially arrived in Maryland. With the forecast calling for frigid temperatures and brisk winds all season long, we're giving our residents a few tips for staying warm in your A&G apartment. These energy efficient tips are sure to save you big in the long run!

Electric Blankets
These electric blankets from will have you feeling nice and cozy all winter. Providing all-around warmth, these plush blankets are perfect for apartment living during the cold winter months. This quilted fleece fabric blanket from Sunbeam, provides classic comfort with the added benefit of multiple heat settings to personalize your comfort level.

Winterize Your Windows
Lined curtains and drapes are better at eliminating heat loss than regular window blinds. Lined curtains are insulated to keep light out and heat in, so they're an energy-efficient way to warm up your apartment. If you're not up to investing in a new curtain set, try hanging old blankets or quilts from the window.

Let the Heat In
Instead of closing your blinds or curtains during the daytime, leave them open to let the rays of the sun warm your home. Watch our video on how to thoroughly clean your windows to allow the maximum heat from the sun into your A&G Apartment.

Change Your Bedding
It's essential to change your bedding from lightweight sheet sets to more heavier comforters. Cozy flannel sheets or wool blankets are sure to keep you nice and toasty all winter long. Give one of these plush blankets a try from Target's wide variety of cold weather bedding.

Stop Your Pipes From Freezing
One of the most expensive and damaging hazards of winter is repairing frozen pipes. Check out our helpful video on how to prevent the pipes from freezing in your A&G Apartment.

Stay nice and warm in your apartment this season!