Top 10 Reasons Why We Love Back To School

Top ten reasons we love back to school

While there are certain things you don't miss over the summer like the cold weather, back-to-school is one of the best times of the year! Here are our top ten reasons we love back to school.

1. Back-to-School Sales
Back-to-school sales aren't just for kids. This is a great time of the year to stock up on office supplies and new clothes regardless of your age. Take advantage of all that the stores have to offer!
2. New Crayons and New Lunch Box

No words necessary. Whether it's the 152 pack, or the 24 pack everyone loves new crayons, and a new lunch box with no stains from last year's lunches is essential to enjoying the feeling of being back at school whether you're a student or a parent.
3. A More Organized Grocery List
Planned breakfasts for a quick getaway in the morning and packed lunches makes for more organized meals. That means the trips to the grocery store got so much easier since now the only toss up is what to make (or order) for dinner!
4. Better Sleep Schedules
Back to earlier bedtimes and more regulated wake-ups makes for healthier sleep schedules. Imagine what you could do with a full eight hours!
5. Talking About the School Day
Talking about the school day is a great way to connect each day and pass time on the car ride home.
6. More Organized Exercise

Whether it's gym day or soccer practice after school, there's a more regulated and recurring period of time where your child isn't glued to an electronic and is soaking up some fresh air.
7. First-Day-of-School Pictures!
Great to put on Christmas cards or Birthday Party invitations, but even better in frames for the relatives as gifts. The first day of school is usually the one day where they look put together because they are excited to see their friends again, and not trying to stay in bed until the very last second.
8. It's Easier to Keep the Home Clean
The kids are home less often, which means home stays cleaner longer... if only for a little bit while they're at school.
9. A Heavily Decorated Fridge
The projects that come home always make the house brighter and some have great stories behind them.
10. More Events to Record and Memories to Cherish
Every school play, fundraiser, or other event is another memory for the scrapbooks. These are the moments that make some of the less fun parts about school (I'm lookin' at you, homework!) all worthwhile.

Be sure to savor all the best parts of back to school! Don't miss out on a fresh new start and cherish all the moments that being back in school brings.