Ways to Beat the Heat

With the heat index getting higher and higher, Summer feels like a never-ending saga of sweating, sunburns, and hot steering wheels. Sometimes it's better to stay inside than to feel like you hit a wall from the heat when you walk outside. Curious how to beat the heat with A&G? We are breaking down our top amenities to help you stay cool this Summer.

Private walk-out balcony or patio for outdoor living:

Our balconies and patios are a great way of staying out of the sun. You can enjoy a glass of iced tea with a book to read in the shade.

Ceiling fans:

It's time to turn on those ceiling fans to curb the heat. With a ceiling fan in your living room, you can enjoy some family time watching movies or playing games on the couch.

Air conditioning:

The most essential feature in the Summer. Our individual heat and air conditioning units will help you keep comfortable throughout the year.

Energy-efficient thermal tilt windows:

Did you know that heat can be transferred through your windows? That's why, with our apartments, we chose energy-efficient thermal tilt windows so you can stay cool in the Summer. It also helps your energy bill!


If offered at your location, you can beat the heat by the pool! What better way to cool off than to plunge into one of our swimming pools? Just don't forget your sunscreen!

Do you have any tips or tricks to stay cool? Tag us on social media with your Summer hacks!