What A&G Management is Thankful For

Halloween has come and gone, Christmas decorations are starting to pop up around town and Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away. We love to take some time during the hustle and bustle of the season to reflect on what really matters. Below you'll find just a few things A&G Management Company employees are thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm most thankful everyday for my health, the support and love I share with my family & friends. And in 2017 -- not only am I thankful of my job at A&G -- I am also very thankful & appreciative of my co-workers here at the corporate office. Over the past few months I had the opportunity to learn a lot of great things about our corporate team. Recently, we faced a situation with our two of our administrative staff putting in their two weeks notice in order to pursue other employment while another administrative employee was scheduled to go out on disability for 8 - 10 weeks. Yes, all at the same time. This of course seemed a bit overwhelming and I'm not gonna say I didn't feel some concern. However, this opportunity gave me a chance to see what a great team we have at our corporate office. I'm so thankful and grateful for the way our remaining staff worked together doing all that was needed to keep things running smoothly and get the job done. Although losing the staff, all at the same time, seemed very overwhelming -- I'm thankful for the team I had and how they all worked together during this time. I'm grateful that we are now fully staffed and thankful because we are now stronger and better than ever!!

Thank you A&G Corporate team & a big welcome to our newest team members. I am looking forward to a great 2018!!
-Linda Harrington, Corporate Office Manager/HR Director

I am very thankful for the residents at Chapel Manor. They express their appreciation for everything we do in their home and in our community.
-Walter Alvarez - Chapel Manor

I am thankful for my wonderful family, my health and a great job to go to everyday!
Robin Daniel, Manager - Chapel Manor

I am thankful my family, friends and coworkers!
Kathy Banusiewicz, Assistant to the President & Assistant to the Executive Director of Marketing - Main Office

I am grateful to be able to have a career working alongside my father, sister, brother, daughter, nephew and cousin. I am grateful to be able to help to make a difference in how people live and give them the best we can offer.
I am grateful to be involved in A&G Management where we are a company that gives back to the community with charitable gifts - everything from health, pet love, education, and human welfare.
I am grateful to work with people that show me respect and encourage my business creativity, design creativity and leadership.
I am grateful for my health and the love and respect of my family.
Shellye Gilden, President

I am a new employee at A & G Management, my position is Front Desk Administrator. I am so THANKFUL for my new a position at A & G Management.
I look forward to coming to work every day for an amazing company. Everyone has been so kind and welcoming.
Debbie Romano, Front Desk Administrator

I am extremely thankful for the love of my family; the devotion of my co-workers; the support and mentoring from my Fearless Leader and the unconditional loyalty and faithfulness of my 3 adorable Scottish terriers!
Cindy Hugoniot, Chief Operating Officer

I am grateful for many things in life. I believe that expressing gratitude is essential to promoting good vibes and manifesting positivity in our lives. Through living life I have realized that the below list reflects some of which I am most thankful for:

I am most grateful for:

• My husband who is my true friend, who makes life a lot easier to go through.
• Pets we encounter who give us free and unconditional love (Especially my Josie).
• Having a job that allows me to meet great people.
• The ability to help others in need who remind us that we are all in need, in one way or another.
• Kind strangers who help you in some shape or form.
• Family who supports me wherever life takes me.
• People who just leave a space for me in their hearts whether it's for life or even if it's a short time.
• My girlfriend who has encouraged me and kept me grounded
Barbara Wurzberger, Community Manager - Bay Hills

When I reflect back on the events that have transpired this year, I realize how truly blessed I am. I am still able to share time with a loving and supportive family. Even when they are driving me crazy, I realize how fortunate I am, where would I be without them in my life?
I am thankful for my friends that confide in me, and I to them, even when they do not want to hear my honest opinion, I can still count on their support and love.
I am thankful that I have an amazing position with A&G Management along with the support from amazing owners, excellent executive staff and top notch office and maintenance team, what I would do without them.
I am also very thankful that I have a roof over my head, heat to warm if cold, air to cool if hot, clean water for drinking and bathing.
So many times we all take these everyday things for granted. We do not stop to say thank you, I love you, and I miss you enough. These are all small things we must remember to do, as life is so short nowadays. You see this is why I am thankful...
Carmen Jones, Manager - Northbrooke Township