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Winter Storm Jonas Resident Information


As I am sure you are aware, Winter Storm Jonas has been the largest snow storm in recorded history for the Maryland area. This is not a typical 6-8" snow storm where our maintenance department can make the roads and sidewalks clear again in 24 hours.

Our A&G Maintenance team has been working around the clock for 72 hours straight in an attempt to clear the roads and sidewalks in your community, but we still need your continued support.


1) Please push the snow from your vehicles into the main street so that the heavy duty plows can remove it.
Please DO NOT push the snow onto the sidewalks which have to be manually shoveled.

2) Feel free to use your own shovels to clear any area you wish but please understand that our staff cannot lend out shovels or clear your particular parking space until the common areas are cleared 100%. Once the common areas are cleared, we can begin the process of working on the parking spaces.

3) Please be patient. Our staff is doing their very best to assist you during this difficult time.

Thank you for your continued understanding and support!

Stay safe and warm,

Cindy Hugoniot
A&G Management Company COO
January 25, 2016