ALERT: A&G Management Company is working to keep residents, visitors and staff safe from coronavirus.

Property Manager

Chapel Manor - Perry Hall



The A&G Management Property Manager is responsible for all operational and many financial aspects of their assigned property. The purpose of the Property Manager is to effectively manage personnel, coordinate persons, activities, and available resources required to accomplish community objectives as set forth by the Regional Director of Sales and Leasing, COO and Owners. These objectives will include maximizing occupancy and enforcing community values. In addition, the Property Manager will train the Assistant Manager to assume all managerial responsibilities in the event of the Property Manager’s absence.


  • Listen to, counsel, and resolve all personnel problems to the best of your ability. Document employee’s file, regarding all aspects of an employee’s performance, complaints, accolades, disciplinary actions, and/or areas of improvement.
  • Approve timecards, and ensure hours indicated are correct. Make certain PTO time is accurately recorded. Approve time off for staff and notify corporate accordingly. Verify and approve monthly commission forms.
  • Hire, train, and supervise office staff; evaluate accordingly.
  • Review overall team performance and provide feedback regularly.
  • Oversee disciplinary procedures, documentation, formal written reprimand- to include termination of employment, if necessary.
  • Assist RPM with developing and maintaining team incentives.
  • Consistently communicate with the onsite Maintenance Supervisor.


  • Assist RPM with preparation and development of Annual Budget.
  • Responsible for staying within the established budget guidelines throughout the year.
  • Responsible for frequent, office petty cash reconciliation.
  • Consistent contractor communications concerning work scheduled, work completed and billing/invoicing.
  • Responsible for promptly logging, copying, approving, and submitting all invoices to corporate for payment.   
  • Review delinquency report and process court filings for unpaid rent. Maintain court filing database & submit dismissals accordingly.
  • Notify resident of and collect delinquent water bill balances. Transfer seriously delinquent water balances to AMSI to ensure collection.
  • Post rent payments collected, in a timely manner. Make sure bank deposits are made immediately (2-4 times per week) including laundry money and pool money deposits.
  • Attend court when required (Failure to Pay Rent, THO, Breach of Lease, Collection cases).
  • Send eviction notices and perform evictions with proper supervision of Sherriff or Constable.
  • Process SODA (Statement Of Deposit Account) after final move out inspection and amended SODAS when necessary.
  • Attempt to collect monies due from prior residents, in house- prior to sending to collections.
  • Prepare files for collections, compose a collection memo and send files to the attorney to commence collection proceedings.


  • Conduct all business in accordance with A&G Management policies and procedures as set forth by the COO, Owners, Fair Housing, Americans with Disabilities Act, Fair Credit Reporting Act, and all other Federal, State & Local Laws.


  • Communicate either in person, via email or via telephone conversation.


  • Assists with opening the office on time, condition of office, model apartment and show units. 
  • Test hold-up alarms at least quarterly.  Immediately, contact the alarm company with any problems.
  • Check and respond to all messages once retrieved from the phone’s mailbox and email, at least- three times per day.
  • Maintain a warm and positive customer service demeanor.
  • Answer telephone calls and e-leads promptly. Send ‘thank you for visiting” emails to prospective residents.
  • Guide community tours with prospective residents and sell its features, amenities, and benefits.
  • Review lease applications for completion then, submit credit and criminal screening for processing. Review screening results to determine a final approval/denial.  
  • Ensure that resident files are completed and properly executed.
  • Submit various reports to corporate, in a timely fashion- on a weekly and monthly basis as necessary/required. To include: Quality Control, Water Intrusion, Market Survey, Carpet Log, Weekend Traffic, Renewal Reward/Move-In Gifts, Owner’s Report and all other necessary reports.
  • Implement policies/lease agreement to maintain resident retention. Address resident complaints and service requests.
  • Ask the qualifying COVID-19 questions, when accepting a resident’s service request and prior to entering a home, as to protect the safety/health of our team.
  • Monitor and enforce renter’s insurance compliance and liability policies.   
  • Submit office supply orders.
  • Plan and participate in resident/community events.
  • Be available 24/7 for emergencies.
  • Process Renewals.


  • Works closely with Maintenance Supervisor to inspect and schedule maintenance activity.
  • Physically walk and inspect community on a monthly basis, create tickets in AMSI for repairs, then- prepares and submits property inspection report to COO.
  • Consistently ensures that the property’s appearance is in line with the company and the owner’s established standards (i.e. signage, flags, awnings, grounds/curb appeal, offices, vacant units,, hallways, landscaping, laundry facilities, fitness center and the overall condition of the property, etc.). Perform a lite wipe up when necessary.
  • Conducts move-in, move-out, pre-move out, renewal, transfer, carpet replacement, housekeeping, pest control and/or lease violation inspections. 
  • Ask the qualifying COVID-19 questions, on the morning of a scheduled inspection- as to maintain the safety/health of our team.
  • Monitor parking lots for violations. Tag vehicles and contact towing contractor when necessary.


  • Conduct weekly market survey. Shop competition and have knowledge of the neighborhood’s market trends and conditions.
  • Complete physical, outreach marketing on a weekly basis.
  • Review A&G website every Tuesday for accuracy. Report any inconsistencies to corporate- immediately.
  • Promptly update specials, upgrades, ready dates, etc. in AMSI – as often as needed.
  • Update or refresh, and -as availability and pricing/specials changes.
  • Develop and establish innovative ideas to appeal to clientele and drive qualified traffic, that increases our tour to lease and lease to move-in conversion rates.


  • Assist with additional tasks, projects, and responsibilities as assigned by Regional Director of Sales and Leasing.
  • Complete required GROW online education courses.
  • Attend all meetings, trainings and/or seminars/webinars, pertaining to property management, as required.
  • Be aware of emergency procedures including telephone, internet service interruptions, and fire/natural disaster procedures.